24 Jun, 2020

Energy Efficient Design

When planning your new custom home, it is important to consider a solar passive design. Find the perfect balance by maximising the northern winter sun and minimising the summer sun, to achieve year ro ...

3 Jun, 2020

Hew HomeBuilder Stimulus package announced...  $25k grant on your new home build or renovation!

27 May, 2020

Custom Build Questions

When it comes to custom builds, the biggest questions that comes up are:  ❓ Is my design possible?and…❓ How much is this going to cost?The right builder should be able to give you realisti ...

19 May, 2020

Did you know... We offer a Free Builders Q&A Session?

Achieving a home that has a unique layout and finish just like this one ☝️ requires the right planning and expertise to make it happen. We’re currently offering a FREE Builders Q&A Sessio ...

19 May, 2020

Benefits to Timber Framed Construction

There are many benefits to building a timber framed home. A timber frame offers a versatile base for the use of mixed building materials and vast cladding options. Engineering requirements for the sla ...

18 May, 2020

Don't Leave your Investment with just any other Builder

33southbuilding:Your home is going to be the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your life, so it’s good to have some understanding of the process that your builder will use to make this a real ...

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